Researchers from the Wang Group presented their work at the 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN (October 29- November 3, 2017). Congratulations to the following researchers on their successful presentations!

Oral Presentations:

  • M. J. Manto, P. Xie, M. A. Keller, W. E. Liano, T. Pu, C. Wang, “Recovery of Inorganic Phosphorus Via Metal-Exchanged ZSM-5.”
  • M. J. Manto, P. Xie, C. Wang, “Heterogeneous Dephosphorylation Using Ceria Nanocatalysts: Identifying the Active Site and the Rate-Determining Step.”
  • D. Raciti, C. Wang, “Interplay of Mass Transfer and Local pH Effects in CO2 Reduction Electrocatalysis.”