A recent paper prepared by David Raciti and Liang Cao (Mueller Lab, JHU Materials Science and Engineering) in collaboration with the labs of Dr. Kevin Hemker (JHU, Mechanical Engineering) and Dr. Kit Bowen (JHU, Chemistry) entitled “Low Over-Potential Electroreduction of Carbon Monoxide Using Copper Nanowires” has been published in ACS Catalysis. This paper investigates Cu nanowires as highly active and selective catalysts for electroreduction of CO at low overpotentials. Optimized Cu nanowires achieved 65% faradaic efficiency (FE) for CO reduction and 50% FE toward production of ethanol at potentials more positive than −0.5 V (versus reversible hydrogen electrode, RHE). Structural analyses and computational simulations suggest that the CO reduction activity may be associated with the coordinately unsaturated (110) surface sites on the Cu nanowires. Congratulations!